Our next busy bee is Sun Sept. 25th 2011

In the last month we have spent many hours weeding with an enormous amount removed from around last year's plantings and direct seeding plants in preparation for herbicide use inbetween plants. The weeds are looking slightly more manageable but still a lot to be done. Most weeds now have seed heads which have to be removed.
Rob has taken some great shots of weeds at last month's busy bee and has them on our website. Take a look here and with a bit more guidance on site it doesn't take too long to pick them out. If you are more comfortable picking on a weed you know well then start with it.
Target weeds in good areas and weeds that are competing with natives for moisture and light.
Weeding we can get done now will save so much work for us next year.
Busy bee starts at 9am! Tools and morning tea provided! Bring a hat, water and sturdy shoes. Entertainment provided by bobtails!

Diary for August 28th Busy Bee

About 20 people turned up on what promised to be a bit of a rainy day. It turned out nicely though, light winds and enough sunshine peeking through the cloud to keep us all well and truly warm. The weeds are going ballistic, not surprising given the rain and relatively warm conditions we've had this winter. The weeding team went pretty ballistic too!

Bucket loads (literally) of weeds were pulled. We remove all the black flag and soursob from the site as they both have subsurface corms from which they propagate. Other weeds are pulled and left onsite as mulch.

The silver lining to the cloud of weeds was the discovery of self seeded parrot bush, berry saltbush and dianella. The parrot bush was particularly exciting as APACE had had no luck propagating these at their nursery.

There are still plenty of weeds to be yanked, don't be a stranger, join us as usual at 9 on a Friday or at our next busy bee Sunday September the 25th

Weeders needed - August Busy Bee

We are desperate for weeders this Sunday August 28th. No experience required! Anything you can contribute would be very welcome. Weeds are at a critical stage of removal. Any later and they will have formed flowers and seeds. Their profusion this year indicates we were too late last year.

We have finished the planting for the year. We thought we had finished a month ago when it was noticed that many parrot bush seeds had germinated in the mulch under the two remaining healthy parrot bushes. Unfortunately they all came up beside each other and would not have survived. This has been a great nursery for us. APACE nursery couldn't get the seeds we collected to grow but here they are coming up in profusion. We have transplanted about 100 of them to areas where there are none and we can water them over the first summer.

Our plantings this year seem to be settling in well, Laurel has single handedly been to each one firming up stakes.

The last few Fridays we have been working along the path. It has been encouraging to hear people saying how nice it is to walk through that area. We hear this every week from many different people.

The shrubs have been flowering for weeks and the birds are a delight to watch.

Please come and join in if you feel like some lighter recreation than the city to surf offers. We'll be there from 9am.

End of July Busy Bee

Our plantings along the bush trail are settling in! Laurel has been tightening the protective sleeves while Ruth, Jim, Sue, David and Frances have planted another 130 seedlings. The weeds have taken off with the wet, mild conditions. Some direct seeding has been spotted! The dwark sheoaks have a tiny brilliant red flower, Acacia lasiocarpa and Acacia pulchella, the small wattles are glowing golden!
Join community volunteers this Sunday 31st July for some much needed weeding and some planting in the bushland.
See our prickly plantings from 2009 in spectacular flower!
Mayor Ron Norris will join us for morning tea at 10.30am to update us on what's happening in our suburb, what's shaping our budget, how we are becoming environmentally and socially sustainable.
Where: Minim Cove Park, lower gate at the end of Fairbairn street.
Time: From 9am to 12noon.
What to bring: Water bottle, hat, hopefully a rain jacket.
Morning tea and tools supplied!
Be part of it!

1300 seedlings planted

1000 plants in along the interpretive bush trail in Minim Cove Park!

300 plants in Three Boys Park on Monument street!

What teams! It just goes to show what we can do!

Everyone has come away from the planting days with a really good feeling that we can make a difference! Together we can make a big difference!

There are still plants left over which will go in the bare pockets around the bike / pedestrian path down from the BBQ at Minim Cove. Heidi, the Town of Mosman Park bushcare officer has convinced our council depot that those areas should be sprayed for weeds as a matter of urgency. Planting will resume on Friday busy bees if anyone can get down there from 9am, starting on Friday 8th July. The sooner the remaining plants are in the ground the better their chance of survival.

It is very hard to recreate bush. It is so much easier to look after what bush we have left.

There are many species of plants in our bushland that are represented by only one remaining plant or just a few. One of these is the only species left in the greater Perth region. This plant is very difficult to collect seeds from and propagate by cutting. Both seed and cutting propagation has failed for us.

Half of the seedlings on the community planting days came from seeds we had collected from the existing bushland and the other half are species that had been lost to Mosman Park.


Kids are endlessly inventive (above) after planting all the seedlings they found a new use for the collected punnets; make a big hoop!

Watering in the seedlings completes the morning's work (below)

2011 Planting Day at Minim Cove

Mosman Park’s “Bringing Back the Bush” Community Planting Day took place on the beautiful morning of Sunday 26th June. A downpour two days before and another two days after was a perfect start to bringing back the bush. Despite a forecast promising showers and some threatening clouds it stayed dry for the planting.

Young and old converged on to the site to plant along our future bush trail, It was so lovely to see people of all ages working beside each other to make a difference. Our mission was to plant 1000 seedlings grown by APACE from locally collected seed including some plant species that had been lost to to the area. 

What an extraordinary sight - a wall of 30 planters worked their way across the ground, moving from one hole to the next, each planter in silent encouragement with the next. Passers-by even joined in! The mayor, three councillors, our young citizen of the year and our environmental volunteer of the year didn’t let up until our mission was completed. The 1000 plants were in and watered just as our bbq lunch was served.

Local primary school children coloured our day with paintings of our bush and the creatures that hide in it. Our day of hard work is the beginning of a legacy to these children of bushland filled with a diversity of life.


Half of the seedlings on the community planting days came from seeds we had collected from the existing bushland and the other half are species that had been lost to Mosman Park.

There are many beautiful plants in the fenced area at Minim Cove that we cant grow from seed or cuttings. They do pop up in our bush area from time to time whether it is because of the right soil microbes or because it has been through an animal's intestine first. Bobtail scats are full of seeds.

By planting along the bush trail, we are increasing the size of the bushland area, increasing the species diversity for wildlife to come to, bobtail lizards, king skinks, geckos, insects, ants, spiders, snakes, honey eaters, hawks, cockatoos.

Bobtail lizards now come down to the Cyclops wattle to eat the seed. The further they venture the more our plant diversity will increase. The same with the birds. These animals will eventually help recreate the bush.

The Black cockatoos have been flying in after their return from nesting in the wheat belt. We only have 3 mature parrot bush left for them. Hardly enough for a flock of  60 cockatoos. They remember their food trees. One day there may be enough of these bushes regenerated to keep the cockies calling in.

Three Boys Park Community Planting Day July 3rd 2011

The Town of Mosman Park’s hydrozoning projects in Three Boys and Genders Parks are aimed at reducing groundwater and fertiliser use and enhancing biodiversity. We hope that by increasing Mosman Park's natural biodiversity we can welcome birds like the Blue Wren back to the area.

Join us on Sunday July the 3rd between 9am and 1pm for our second Community Planting Day this year to help revegetate an area of Three Boys Park. We're planting small scale local native vegetation. Equipment is provided and no experience is necessary. Three Boys Park is at the corner of Monument and Fairlight Streets.

Please RSVP to the Sustainability Officer at Town of Mosman Park on 9384 1633

Bringing Back the Bush 2011

Our annual planting day is coming up soon. Real soon! Our regular vollies and Mosman Park Shire have been preparing the ground for the big day, the Bureau of Eternal Optimism has finally seen fit to douse our neck of the woods with a splash of rain. Seedlings have been propagated by hundred.

All we need is a metric ton of willing hands to give our little plants the best start they could hope for. Pop June 26th in your diary, join us for half an hour or half a day, and best of all, lunch is on us! The action will happen between 9am and 1pm.

"X" marks the spot! We're planting on the east side of the remnant bush off Fairbairn St, if you're driving you'll find plenty of parking by the tennis courts on Stone St.

Here are some pics from last year's efforts