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tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1546154 2020-05-18T07:19:27Z 2020-05-18T07:19:27Z Fwd: Celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity - Latest from UBC blog
The Quinns Rock Environmental Group are offering a curatored walk of Neerabup National Park to us as members of Urban Bushland Council. This would not only be a great walk but educational. How many of you have been to Neerabup NP? Not me! 
As our population expands so do our suburbs. The northern suburbs have had enormous growth in the last 40 years but should we still be putting main roads through our main green infrastructure? If so how do we preserve the wildlife linkages? As you know our Mosman Park major wildlife linkage connecting the ocean and the river through Buckland Hill has major transport routes (Stirling Highway, Fremantle train line and Curtin Avenue) dissecting it. 
Unlike Mosman Park, Neerabup still has many four legged native mammals and many insects. 

Let me know if you have registered so some physical distancing transport pooling can occur.

Celebrate with a Guided Walk. Visit Neerabup National Park, a connector for biodiversity in the Northern corridor but under pressure from development 
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Celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity

Celebrate with a Guided Walk…

Visit Neerabup National Park which is a connector for biodiversity but is under pressure from development in the Northern corridor.

Join the UBC sponsored guided walk of the Neerabup National Park lead by members of the Quinns Rocks Environmental Group (QREG) on Sunday 31 May. You will explore the Tuart and Jarrah Woodlands to Open Forests. You will also observe the fauna underpasses installed two years ago as a mitigation measure for Neerabup Road dissecting the widest section of the National Park.

We are limiting places to 10 participants per session to meet the COVID-19 safety requirements for physical distancing. If you cannot attend after making a registration, please cancel your registration.

There are 3 identical sessions. You can register for your preferred time via Eventbrite at the links below or from the UBC Events page

Session 1: 9.30-11.30am Register here

or Session 2: 10.30am-12.30pm Register here.   

or Session 3: 2.00-4.00pm Register here.  

Please meet at 10th Light Horse Heritage Trail car park in Wanneroo Road, Neerabup, just north of Neerabup Road.

We recommend that you wear closed shoes, hat, sunscreen and bring insect repellent as ticks are common.  Also bring along water and light refreshment or lunch. If you plan to have your lunch at the site, bring your camping chair too.  No dogs, thank you.

Neerabup National Park

Neerabup National Park (Bush Forever Area 383) is a wonderful example of biodiversity of this part of the Swan Coastal Plain. It stretches over 12 km from NW to SE between Yellagonga Regional Park and Yanchep National Park. And it is also the only East-West ecological linkage traversing the full suite of Swan Coastal Plain vegetation complexes in the North Metropolitan region. .

In addition, the Park is a place of cultural heritage. The Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail is based on local Whadjuk Noongar elder Yellagonga’s tribe’s movement. Europeans  later used the trail as a stock route. Then during WWI, the Park was home to the 10th Light Horse regiment.

Neerabup National Park was originally gazetted in 1965 for the purpose of ‘National Park’. The conservation significance of this area has been recognised many times. This includes its designation as Bush Forever Area 383 and EPA recommendations to add lands to the National Park boundary following its assessment of MRS Amendments 992/33 in 2000. However, the EPA recommendations are yet to be finalised. While we wait, major road projects that adversely impact the National Park continue to be approved. Considering the narrow, elongated shape of the national park, sensitive and adaptive management of this significant biodiversity asset is critical.

International Day for Biological Diversity 22 May

You can find further information about the International Day for Biological Diversity here. Its 2020 Theme is: Our solutions are in nature.  This theme emphasizes hope, solidarity and the importance of working together at all levels to build a future of life in harmony with nature.

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Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1533790 2020-04-21T03:37:04Z 2020-04-21T03:37:04Z Get your orders in for native plants now and be subsidised by your Western Suburbs Councils
Dont miss out on this May opportunity! APACE are putting together lots of 20 plants suited for your garden at the low price of $1.75@. They are making the choices of local ground covers to shrubs.
Perhaps you could donate any spares to Friends of Mosman Park Bushland and even help us plant them.
Remember your garden is important as a refuge for local wildlife where you can nurture plants and the birds and insects they attract!




Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1518356 2020-03-09T22:41:54Z 2020-03-09T22:41:54Z Fwd: 22 March 2020 5km Walk Facebook Ad
We have our Autumn Ocean to River walk coming up soon! Sunday 22nd March. Meet at 8.45am at Mosman Beach northern most end of the car park. Our group will provide morning tea at Milo Beach on the Swan River.
Join Friends of Mosman Park Bushland for an enjoyable morning to learn about the natural, Aboriginal and European history via the Vlamingh Parklands green corridor.

Dress in  walking clothes and shoes suited to the weather. There will be some part on a sandy track. Bring a water bottle! There is a toilet at Buckland Hill or the Caltex service station opposite Victoria Street Train Station.

RSVP as numbers are limited.


Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1509035 2020-02-13T02:17:54Z 2020-02-13T02:17:55Z Clean Up Australia Day Sunday March 1st 2020 at Chidley Point Reserve, Mosman Park
Register directly with CUAD
Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1477501 2019-11-14T07:27:43Z 2019-11-14T07:27:46Z Cancelled bush busy bee Friday 15th November

Our Bushland Busy Bee will be cancelled at Minim Cove Park Friday 15th November due to the forecast of 38 degrees.

Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1463465 2019-10-06T21:10:39Z 2019-10-17T09:08:44Z Sea to River walk, Sunday 27th October 2019 ]]> Sue Conlan tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1463463 2019-10-06T21:06:51Z 2019-10-06T21:06:51Z Sea to River Walk Sunday 27th October 2019

Join Friends of Mosman Park Bushland at 8.45am at Mosman Beach, opposite Montessori School, northern most carpark, 2 Curtin Avenue, Mosman Park. 2-3 hour walk, bring a water bottle and wear clothes suited to the weather. Find out why it is an a green corridor, what it provided for the first Australians and the European settlers. To view my file, click this link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmeJniUrOAjKgaAAhs6i3S0LwnYy_Q


Sue Conlan Friends of Mosman Park Bushland 0419942483

Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1443765 2019-08-12T04:34:36Z 2019-08-13T00:55:23Z Sunday 18th August Busy Bee Mosman Beach 9am to 11.30am
Fancy a morning outdoors with like minded people giving nature a helping hand?

Meet at the south end of the plant island at Mosman Beach past the ghost bike, look for the banner and flag.

While we have been busy working in other patches the weeds are growing through our natives at Mosman Beach. No seed heads yet so perfect timing to be yanking out the weeds. Every little bit helps!
Gloves, tools and morning tea provided! Bring a water bottle! Wear old clothes suited to bush work and the weather, 18 degrees.

A 10 minute walk south along Curtin Avenue from Victoria street station or Stirling Highway.


Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1424116 2019-06-25T02:42:41Z 2019-06-25T02:42:42Z Community planting day Sunday 30th June 9.30 to 11.30am Mt Lyell, McCabe street Mosman Park

Join us for a fun morning of planting new seedlings and making new friends at the stunning location of Mt Lyell Park.

All volunteers who help on the day are welcome to join us at the end for a free lunch.

Remember to wear clothing suitable for gardening (including wet weather gear if necessary), including a hat and gloves, apply sunscreen and bring a water bottle.

When: Sunday 30 June 2019, 9.30am - 11.30am Where: Mt Lyell Park - meet at the lookout. Access via Pethyridge Heights or McAllister Rise RSVP: by email to environment@mosmanpark.wa.gov.au or by calling 9384 1633.

Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1415709 2019-06-02T06:15:56Z 2019-06-02T06:15:57Z Friends of Mosman Park Bushland Volunteers and Scotch College, Brisbane House, students and families to plant in the Vlamingh Parklands Ecological corridor Sunday 9th June, 9am to 11.30am
Would you like to be part of this? 


Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1413601 2019-05-27T09:08:20Z 2019-05-27T09:08:24Z Help us planting local species in Mosman Park June 2019. ]]> Sue Conlan tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1394710 2019-04-07T06:49:18Z 2019-04-07T06:49:18Z Community Guided Walk from the Indian Ocean to the Swan River Sunday 14th April 2019
Friends of Mosman Park have a free guided walk along the Vlamingh Parklands green link between the Indian Ocean at Mosman Beach to Milo beach on the Swan River. Complete the 5.4km round circuit back to the Vlamingh Memorial (start) or accept a lift back by car. You will learn and discover the rich Aboriginal, European and natural history of this greenway. Please RSVP as places are limited. Meet at the northern most carpark, Mosman Beach, 2 Curtin Avenue.
Victoria Street train station is 500m from the start. Dress for weather, bring a water bottle and wear sturdy shoes.



Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1373176 2019-02-12T03:37:33Z 2019-02-12T03:37:33Z Bushland Busy Bee at Roe Point Sunday 17th February 9am to 11.30am

Point Roe is a salt marsh. These types of salt marshes work day and night in so many way to keep our river healthy and us healthy!


Unfortunately Point Roe is  a degraded salt marsh and needs our continued help. We now know the importance of healthy vegetation along our waterways. You may have noticed a salt marsh areas along the Swan River has already been fenced for great benefit to the River & us.


Let’s give the Roe Point salt marsh a helping hand so it will bring back the birds and bring back the tough salt tolerant sedges. A healthier Roe Point salt marsh will contribute to restoring the health of the Swan River and keep the river fish and dolphins happy.


Did you know that most of the birds that use our beaches make their nest on the ground and they are very well disguised? For this and other reason access to salt marshes should be managed and restricted.


If you would like to read more " The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands" had their International conference in Australia in 2018 with a message for an urgent need to protect and restore our saltmarshes.

Tools, gloves and morning tea provided! Bring a water bottle! Wear protective old clothes suited to bush work and the weather! Forecast 30 degrees!





Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1362544 2019-01-12T08:39:28Z 2019-01-13T13:48:50Z Day of Action! Point Roe, Mosman Park Saturday 19th January 8.30am
Kick start the year with some bushland action with Friends of Mosman Park Bushland and The Greens.
We'll be takling plastic litter along the Swan River foreshore and kikuyu grass encroaching on our native celery patch for the first hour. Following a cuppa we will have an hour guided walk to point out the significance of vegetation that supports local wildlife not found in suburbia.

Wear sturdy shoes and old clothes suited to bushwork and the weather. You are encouraged to bring gloves and a water bottle.

Meet at the end of the path from Stone street, Mosman Park

Register for this event by email mail@mosmanparkbushland.org or phone Sue 0419942483Black winged stilts, Roe Point Salt Marsh
Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1334143 2018-10-20T09:37:58Z 2018-10-20T09:37:59Z Bushland Busy Bee Sunday 28th October 9am to 11.30am Buckland Hill
Meet along the western path near Stirling Highway in Buckland Hill to give our winter plants a helping hand by weeding and removing sleeves.

Tools, gloves and morning tea provided! We will have a nice walk to Milo Beach on the Swan River to prepare and join in morning tea for participants of the Sea to River walk about 10.15am.

-- logo.jpg




Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1334140 2018-10-20T09:26:14Z 2018-10-20T09:26:15Z Sea to River Walk Sunday 28th October 8.50am 2018 ]]> Sue Conlan tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1318517 2018-09-05T04:17:33Z 2018-09-05T04:48:54Z Bushcare's Big Day Out and Mosman Park STOMP Sunday 16.9.18

How about joining bushland volunteers from 9am to 11.30am care for the Garungup Reserve bushland and show the young participants of Mosman Park STOMP what we do and what are the ecological weeds muscling in on our bushland.

Gloves, tools and morning tea provided! Wear old clothes suited to weather and bushland work. More detailscontact Sue 0419942483 or mail@mosmanparkbushland.org

Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1318514 2018-09-05T04:05:04Z 2018-09-05T04:05:04Z Bushcare's Big Day Out and Mosman Park STOMP Sunday 16.9.18

How about joining bushland volunteers from 9am to 11.30am care for the Garungup Reserve bushland and show the young participants of Mosman Park STOMP what we do and what are the ecological weeds muscling in on our bushland.

Gloves, tools and morning tea provided! Wear old clothes suited to weather and bushland work. More detailscontact Sue 0419942483 or mail@mosmanparkbushland.org

Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1293197 2018-06-12T02:58:41Z 2018-06-12T02:58:43Z Fwd: Community Planting Day coming up on Sunday 24th June
Why not join like minded people on this Sunday morning,volunteering in Mosman Park today for a beautiful Mosman Park tomorrow! The birds will love you for it!

Not far from Victoria Street train station on Stirling Highway!





Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1292898 2018-06-11T11:30:00Z 2018-06-11T11:51:11Z Point Roe Planting Friday 15th June 8.30am to 11.30am
Would you like to join our community by helping plant out sedges along the Swan River foreshore salt marsh?
Tools, gloves and morning tea provided! Wear old clothes suited to weather! Closest public transport is the 107 bus from corner of Owston and Beagle Street. Otherwise a 25 minute walk from Victoria Street train station.
Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1291228 2018-06-06T04:08:24Z 2018-06-06T04:08:25Z Mosman Park Planting Timetable 2018 ]]> Sue Conlan tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1285888 2018-05-21T10:54:28Z 2018-05-21T10:54:28Z Mosman Beach Busy Bee Sunday 27th May 2018 9am to 11.30am

Meet at the northern end of the verge plantings, opposite Montessori school, 1 Curtin Avenue, Mosman Park. Look out for our sign!
Nearest buses and trains are at Victoria Street train station on Stirling Highway.

There is a forecast for a small amount of rain on Sunday which we will try to work around! The task is to remove weedy tetragonia creeper before planting in June!

Gloves, tools and morning tea provided!

Dress in old clothes suited to bush work and the weather!

Contact Sue if in doubt of cancellation. 93843486
Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1272470 2018-04-14T01:13:31Z 2018-04-14T01:13:31Z 2018 FOMB Sea to River walk Sunday April 29th, 9am to 12pm

Sue Conlan Co ordinator Friends of Mosman Park Bushland

Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1272469 2018-04-14T01:12:55Z 2018-04-14T01:12:59Z 2018 FOMB Sea to River walk Sunday April 29th, 9am to 12pm

Sue Conlan Co ordinator Friends of Mosman Park Bushland

Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1263762 2018-03-21T05:34:23Z 2018-03-21T05:34:24Z Fwd: Community Fair this Sunday 25th March at Mann Oval Lochee street, Mosman Park from 12pm to 5pm
Friends of Mosman Park Bushland will have a stall at the local community fair rather than a bushland busy bee at the end of March.

If you can help give out our brochures and attend our stand to encourage the public to become involved in caring for the bushland please let me know. Or just come along and get to know fellow bush guardians without gloves and saws in hand!

We will have:
  • seeds from local plants that are easy to grow
  • raw Mosman Park backyard honey for sale,
  • a bunch of fountain grass weed for public awareness and 
  • brochures for the May native plant subsidy scheme 

 Christchurch Grammar students putting themselves in the picture! Meticulously picking fountain grass seed heads from a heavy weed infestation at Monument Hill. The seeds last for at least 10 years in the soil! Now that is a lot of weeding!!!
Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1250183 2018-02-20T02:26:22Z 2018-02-20T02:26:22Z Sunday 25th February Bushland Busy Bee Roe Point, Mosman Park

Time 9am to 11am
Location Roe Point Mosman Park near Board Walk, below Colonial Gardens, look for banner.
Parking in Colonial Gardens.
Need a lift from Victoria street train station, let me know!
What to wear: protective clothes for outdoor bush work, clean protective shoes, hat!
What to bring: Water bottle! Morning tea provided!
Tools provided!
Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1199973 2017-10-21T23:03:06Z 2017-10-21T23:03:06Z Bushland Busy Bee Sunday 29th October 2017 Garungup Park
Meet at centre stairs from 9am to 11.30am!

Targeting Geraldton Carnation weed (Euphorbia terracina). Wear long sleeves and pants as this weed can cause allergic reactions!

Tools, gloves and morning tea provided! Bring a water bottle!

Parking available east Hutchinson avenue or Tom Perrot Oval.
Bus 107 to Beagle street, see map.
Sue Conlan
tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1197261 2017-10-10T11:58:22Z 2018-01-15T18:37:50Z Brunch with the Birds in Mosman Park coming soon 4th November ]]> Sue Conlan tag:mosmanparkbushland.org,2013:Post/1194228 2017-09-27T08:35:56Z 2017-09-27T08:35:56Z Sea to River walk via Vlamingh Parklands Saturday 7th October 2017 9am 2hrs


Sue Conlan