Diary for August 28th Busy Bee

About 20 people turned up on what promised to be a bit of a rainy day. It turned out nicely though, light winds and enough sunshine peeking through the cloud to keep us all well and truly warm. The weeds are going ballistic, not surprising given the rain and relatively warm conditions we've had this winter. The weeding team went pretty ballistic too!

Bucket loads (literally) of weeds were pulled. We remove all the black flag and soursob from the site as they both have subsurface corms from which they propagate. Other weeds are pulled and left onsite as mulch.

The silver lining to the cloud of weeds was the discovery of self seeded parrot bush, berry saltbush and dianella. The parrot bush was particularly exciting as APACE had had no luck propagating these at their nursery.

There are still plenty of weeds to be yanked, don't be a stranger, join us as usual at 9 on a Friday or at our next busy bee Sunday September the 25th