Re: Friends of Mosman Park Bushland busy bee Sunday 26th February 2017 9am to 11.30

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Bushland Busy Bee Sunday 26th February Roe Point, Mosman Park


Please join us from 9am to 11.30am by the Swan River at Roe Point to maintain this small tidal marshland.

We have had great success here creating a buffer from invasive buffalo lawn so that the native celery herb can flourish with a number of other plants that can tolerate the brackish water at high tide!

It’s planned to be 36 degrees so if we get our work done before it gets to this temperature would be good! We do have shade to work in!

Tools, gloves and morning tea provided! Bring a water bottle and wear comfy old clothes suited to bush work and the weather! Hat and sunscreen!


Bus 107 from Perth or Fremantle, stop Beagle street, near Owston st.



Sue Conlan
Mob: 0419 942 483




FW: Busy Bee Sunday 29th January 9am to 11.30 Garangup Park



Sunday looking to be 30degrees! Let’s head down to Gnarangup Park for some final weed seed removal! This area will be an infill planting site this June.

There’s not too much weed seed so I think our team are up to it! It will give our plantings a better chance!


Meet at the eastern  area under the shady Rostellifera wattles (look for the overhead powerlines)!


Gloves, tools, morning tea provided! Bring a water bottle! Be sunwise! Old comfy clothes for bush work!


We have 2 cool beach spots to retreat to at either end of Gnarangup for our break! But we will be working without shade!


Bus 107 to Dorothy Genders Village is close.

Victoria Street station contact Sue 0419942483 for a lift!










Bushland Busy Bee Sunday 27th November 2016 9am to 11.30

Come and help us in maintaining our beautiful bushland in Minim Cove Park! Weeds are still holding onto their seeds and need yanking right out and binned. Jobs for all abilities!

Meet at small gate in Minim Cove Bushland off Fairbairn street. Bus 107 closest public transport!

Tools, gloves and morning tea provided! Bring a water bottle and wear clothes suited to bush work and weather. This brown honey eater camouflages well to raise young in a pot plant. Your garden and verge are important for nurturing our local wildlife. They are cheap labour and much more interesting that chemical insecticides!

Beach Plant Rescue at Mosman Beach Sunday October 30th 2016

Head down to our beautiful Indian Ocean at Mosman Beach on Sunday morning 30th October from 9am to 11.30am for some weeding around our coastal plantings!

 A few hands can make the difference!

Tools and morning tea provided! Don’t forget a water bottle and sun protection!

Meet at the northern end of our verge plantings at the back of the Montessori school carpark on Curtin Avenue!  The shelter closest to “Tim’s bike”.



Bushcare's Major Day Out September 18th 2016 9am to 11.30am

Join us for the National B

ushcare’s Major Day Out event in Minim Cove Park Bushland on Sunday 18th September from 9am to 11.30am.


This coincides with our local annual “STOMP” event which will see 100 youngsters race around Mosman Park to check out the local community groups. That’s us!


To pass our check point they’ll need to identify weedy Euphorbia terracina growing amongst our natives in Gnarangup Park and pull out at least five plants. That means we can concentrate on other weeds.


This Euphorbia is the tall yellowy plant poking out of the native clump of sedges in the photo. It’s seeds will keep germinating up to 20 years after the plant is removed. This is a good one to show the next generation! A good one to remove now before seeds form.


Meet at the small gate around the bushland off Fairbairn street! See attachment!


Chance of rain forecasted! Wear old clothes suitable for bush work and weather prediction! Water bottle, closed  shoes and hat advisable!


Morning tea, tools and gloves supplied!





Invitation to busy bee Sunday 28th August 9am to 11.30am Minim Cove Park Bushland, Mosman Park

Friends of Mosman Park Bushland invite all volunteers to join us for some work caring for our beautiful remnant bushland.  We will do some weeding,  to give the native plants more space to spoil us with their display of beauty in Spring!

This Sunday we will be meeting at the South West corner of the fenced area adjacent to Fairbairn St in Minim Cove park from 9:00 to 11:30am.  Wear your bush clothes and bring a rain jacket just in case. 

Morning tea will be provided.

Planting at Mosman Beach June 26th 2016 9am to 11.30



Would love some help with 300 infill plants at Mosman Beach on Sunday 26th June!


Tools and morning tea provided!

Bring a water bottle and wear some comfortable clothes for bush work!

In March we removed weeds to make way for these planting! Already our previous plantings have grown sufficiently to attract birds and other wildlife!

Bushland Busy Bee Sunday 1st May 9am to 11.30am

Volunteers required to clear some weeds and fill the spot with some of the seeds we and Rocky Bay Rec Connect have been sorting through.


We’ll be working on the east side of the fenced area at Minim Cove Park! Walk from Fairbairn or Stone street to the big gate! You may get lost as the bush trail is now almost unrecognisable one year on from our island plantings.


The sorted seeds have been in my fridge away from critters who make them a meal. May will be a perfect time to reintroduce the seeds. Most native plant seeds like to get really wet before they germinate. With the right temperature and moisture they germinate. APACE nursery use every trick in the book to get seeds to germinate.


Tools and morning tea provided! Wear comfortable old clothes for bush work!