Minim Cove Park Wildlife Hanging On!

Burtons Legless Lizard Size here approx. 20cm.

Volunteers remove dry seed heads of brom, rye and hare’s tail weeds.
Burnt to a cinder in 2008, 3 years later a fauna survey found a 50cm Burton’s legless lizard. Was it the last remaining one along the Swan River in Mosman Park? 

The Friends of Mosman Park Bushland with Town of Mosman Park are now the custodians.

Little remains of bushland in Mosman Park so it is a miracle we have such special wildlife. What we believe to be a baby Burton’s legless lizard was discovered with much joy when turning over a hand sized rock in 2021. See it’s blunt nose! When they are bigger and darker, they are more difficult to distinguish from a snake.  You will not see this shy reptile walking through the bushland however visiting cats will.

Luckily this bushland does have limestone rocks to protect small creatures. The regeneration of thick prickly ground cover vegetation helps.

Some councils are banning cats from bushland. Cat runs in backyards are a booming business as many cat owners take cat ownership responsibly.

Sue Conlan Convenor of Friends of Mosman Park Bushland.