Fwd: Rally for your local bushland under threat this Saturday

Event: Rally for our bushland nearby!

The recent bushfires brought the message close to home:  Climate change is real and happening.  Our bush remnant areas and green spaces are needed more than ever to keep our cities cool and clean.

The last decade has seen rampant clearing of high conservation value natural areas to facilitate ‘urban development’. Remnant natural and green areas need to be fully valued and formally protected or governments and developers will continue to sell them off and profit to the detriment of the wider community and the environment.

Concerned community groups from Perth to Pemberton will come together this Saturday in their own regions to say, "Stop the Damage, Premier”.

  In the 1980s, the Mosman Park Community fought to save some of its bushland when a large housing development occurred on Buckland Hill.  The development went ahead with the firm understanding that the Vlamingh Parkland coastal and river to sea linkages were set aside to conserve the environment, heritage, cultural and amenity value.

·         Today this area is more valuable than ever, as road widening, and development encroaches ever more into remnant bushland.

·         The Government is proposing to rezone 8000sqm around the old cable station with the intention of further urban development.

·         The value of this land for the community is far higher than the price the government will sell it for or the profits available to the developers.  We need this area as a green corridor that links the natural coastal strip to the corridor linking the ocean and the river.

·        We will continue to see loss of native plant and animal habitat in local remnant bushland unless policies are directed at their retention and restoration and recognise the immediacy of negative climate change influences.

Join in this Saturday 20th February between 9.30 and 10.30am to bring awareness of areas under imminent threat. Groups will gather at the following ‘hot spots’.

1)    Vlamingh Parkland, car park opposite Old Cable station/Montessori school

2)    Underwood Bushland, corner Selby and Underwood avenue

3)    Erindale Road Bushland, corner Lennox and Erindale Road, Hammerley

4)    Ocean Reef and Bushland,corner Hodges drive and Ocean Reef Drive

·       Make a statement on a homemade placard! "Bush not Bricks" "Save our Bushland" "Livable Cities" "Action on Climate Change" "

"No Housing Here" "Bush Forever" "Keep the link"