Bushland Busy Bee at Roe Point Sunday 17th February 9am to 11.30am

Point Roe is a salt marsh. These types of salt marshes work day and night in so many way to keep our river healthy and us healthy!


Unfortunately Point Roe is  a degraded salt marsh and needs our continued help. We now know the importance of healthy vegetation along our waterways. You may have noticed a salt marsh areas along the Swan River has already been fenced for great benefit to the River & us.


Let’s give the Roe Point salt marsh a helping hand so it will bring back the birds and bring back the tough salt tolerant sedges. A healthier Roe Point salt marsh will contribute to restoring the health of the Swan River and keep the river fish and dolphins happy.


Did you know that most of the birds that use our beaches make their nest on the ground and they are very well disguised? For this and other reason access to salt marshes should be managed and restricted.


If you would like to read more " The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands" had their International conference in Australia in 2018 with a message for an urgent need to protect and restore our saltmarshes.

Tools, gloves and morning tea provided! Bring a water bottle! Wear protective old clothes suited to bush work and the weather! Forecast 30 degrees!