End of November Busy Bee, Sunday 27th 2011

All able bodies required this Sunday at Minim Cove Park as we race against time to spread mulch around our new plantings. This will lock in soil moisture, reduce evaporation, suppress weeds, enrich the soil with nutrients, microbes and water holding properties! Irresistible!


The weather also is forecast to be irresistible for being out doors helping and enjoying the bushland. A mountain of mulch will be delivered for us by the end of the week!


Other tasks available on Sunday are weeding just inside the fence and checking plastic sleeves around our plantings.


The weeds have enjoyed our rain pattern this year with a burst of growth. As our plantings grow they will suppress weed growth but seeds now will be in the soil for at least seven years. We have a bigger area to manage with virtually the same number of volunteers. You can see how they have got a way from us! In areas of high priority biodiversity we are weeding more carefully with the intent of eventually decreasing the weed load.


This week traps have been set at Chidley Point Reserve, Bayview Park, Minim Cove Park and Buckland Hill bushland. Our bush care officer at Town of Mosman Park, Heidi and other enthusiasts as far away as Swanview have been out at 5am each morning. About 10 species of reptiles have been caught in good numbers. Names have been put to species seen in Minim Cove Park. Facts about what these reptiles eat and their behaviour have been learnt.

One blind snake and one legless lizard have been caught which is good news for our bushland health.


One observation made on this fauna survey was that everyone who attended had smiles despite the early hour.


The survey is continuing each morning this week with Sunday 27th November the last day. So if you would like to see and hold our reptiles, head to Chidley Point Reserve, upper car park by 5am. You will never get this opportunity again to see close up the critters that race around the bushland too fast to observe or too hidden to see.


See you from 9am to 11am! Equipment supplied! Bring a hat, sturdy shoes and a water bottle! Morning tea supplied!