Now how did our Minim Cove Planting Day go on Sunday 8th June 2014

Sun out, the help poured in from Scotch college! The rain waited for nightfall! What a great way to plant!


In one and a half hours, locals with 50 Scotch students and parents planted 750 local plants! This adds to the work already started 5 years ago!


All help was gratefully received! Preschooler, Natalie Collier and her sister, Clara were eager to join  the planting team once again!


The photo shows the remnant Grevillea thelmanianna patches where a diversity of plants were planted around them to provide a diversity of habitat for our wildlife and increase the link from one lot of bushland to another.


Someone’s jumper thrown over the location sign aptly made the area Minim Cove ark. Quite fitting as this bushland just happens to be home to plants not found for some distance. In the Minim Cove ark we have one remnant huge quandong plant, 4 native spinach plants (Tetragonia tetragonoides), 6 native celery plants, a couple of native apricots (Pittosporum ligustrifolium) and a couple of Cyclops wattle, who’s seeds are edible.


This makes for quite a feast. If we keep planting here the river could be so healthy, there might be a fish to go with the above.







Sue Conlan

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