26th April 2015 Sunday busy bee

Lend a hand in Minim Cove Park on Sunday 26th April 2015 from 9am to 11.30am.

We have seeds of the native spinach plant, collected from the few plants at Garangup beach to be direct seeded along the beach to increase numbers further along the river. Old shoes for wading in the shallows of the river are advisable if the tide is high!

We also have seeds of the native pellitory herb to be seeded under a tree we have been keeping weed free. Pellitory is the preferred plant for the yellow admiral butterfly. There is a small amount of native pellitory left in the bushland because it is a prolific seeder.

The recent rains have germinated weeds in profusion. It is a perfect time to make an impact before the natives germinate.

Predicted to be a beautiful 24 degrees!

There are plenty of jobs to do! I hope you can make some time to come and enjoy the bushland , good company, while caring for your bushland.

Old clothes, sturdy shoes and a water bottle! It can be quite hot still so take precaution of the sun! Morning tea provided!