October End of month busy bee at Minim Cove Park, Mosman Park

Meet at top small gate MCP off Fairbairn st path from 9am to 11.30.


Weeds are in seed but can still be removed to prevent infestations next year! We will be working to keep good areas good or freeing up special plants.


Should be a lovely spring day in the bushland. The hop bush (Dodonea hackettiana) is looking stunning as the seed pods go redder, the rainbow bee eaters have been spotted and the mignonette orchids and Boronia alata are flowering.

There has been some good germination this season in the bushland especially in the shady weed free areas on the eastern end of the fenced area.


Have you noticed any plumes of the flowering native grass Austrostipa elegantissma as you walk through MP. Mainly in the Buckland Hill area




ToMP supported MP primary school and FoMPB to make 5 bat boxes with local champion Joe Tonga last Friday. Microbats were detected during the evening of the 2011 fauna survey at the cooling ponds. These bats favourite food are mosquitoes, hence located at the cooling ponds. The bats may be living at Point Walter but now we can provide a home for them in MP. Owls and Tawny frog mouths prey on these tiny bats, so the more bats we have, the less mosquitoes and the more owls and tawny frog mouths. Now we know why a tawny frogmouth lives at the cooling ponds.


Sunday, bring a water bottle, sun protection, long pants and closed shoes advisable.


Tools and morning tea provided!